Shower Inspiration - The beginning of Colour My World

February 2013. In the shower getting ready for a networking lunch.

I heard, clear as day:

Your Personalised Colour Blueprint - as unique as your FINGERPRINT

Colour Blueprint - as unique as your fingerprint

“Everyone has their own unique range of colours that resonate with them, their body and their DNA. As unique as their fingerprint. This is your gift to the world”

What? No waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy !!!!!!!

I’ve spent 20 years of my life studying biological sciences, have a Masters degree in cancer research (MSc), a Graduate Diploma from bible college and worked as sleep scientist for numerous years.

I don’t receive big, life changing information while in the shower!

I got out of the shower and wrote down what I could remember (do you think I can find that entry now?) and went off to the lunch. I sat next to a lovely lady who had just written a book channelled from the angels about Spirit and Science (“It’s about time” by Marg Kinneen). I confessed I had just received some information and I knew my life was going to change, but I was still getting my head around it.

Truthfully, I hoped that if I ignored it for a little bit it mightn’t seem so daunting or weird.

Nope, shortly after I had a “soul” mentoring session as part of some course modules I was doing – I burst into tears when she confirmed that this information was 100% correct, and we played with how I could impact DNA using it.

And my first healing session was already booked with my main mentor, (Jo Williams from for March 22.

No more hiding – this was it. I was going to be an intuitive colour healer!

I didn’t know what I was going to do! I couldn’t do the sort of amazing things that Jo had worked with me on for the past 18 months.


My Colour Blueprint

So, I worked out my own Colour Blueprint (see picture). I looked at some of my DNA, my adrenals were like ash, and I worked to stabilise and heal them. I played with colour and loved seeing what it could do with my body and my life.

I freaked out a lot, but kept going.

The session date was getting closer and closer.

I intuitively worked out Jo’s colours, and where we needed to start with our session.


It went great! At various points she was in tears, we both took some deep breaths and we kept going.

At the end, I felt amazing, she felt amazing and we had facilitated the shift of some huge stuff for her.

The student was able to help heal the teacher.

This was the beginning of my shift to my life’s purpose as an intuitive colour healer.

I wasn’t required to study other modalities to prove to myself and the world I was legit, I was given this new modality in the shower.

This is my Life's Purpose, it lights me up and I JUST KNOW THIS IS WHAT I AM GOING TO DO!!

The best information comes while you’re relaxed in the shower.


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