I See You (ICU) - Trauma Specialists

Hi.  I know some traumatic "stuff" has happened to you - big or small, and it's still impacting your life. 

"Why can't I just get over it?" - that's what everyone says. 

"Time will heal" 

"Just go to counselling and talk it through" ***

"Stop living in the past"

"Just sweep it under the carpet and forget about it"

"Have you tried.........(insert some modality or therapy)?

I SEE YOU. I've been there.

I've experienced abuse, had it "swept under the carpet" by my family, done the counselling and still wondered why I couldn't live my life how I wanted to. (My story of years of sexual abuse is still being written...)

I SEE YOU. Beyond what has happened to you.

I SEE YOU. Free of the story.

I SEE YOU. The you that lives life to the full, without the baggage that you've carried for so long.

We are energetic beings. We are influenced by the energy around us (both inside and out). 

Traumatic experiences - as simple as stubbing our toe, a negative thought, eating a food our bodies don't resonate with, fear... through to physical injury, abuse, accidents - all impact us energetically and physically all the way to our cellular level.  They imprint themselves into our bodies and our DNA. While the trauma may have passed, we've started carrying it around as excess baggage.

This excess baggage is more costly than an extra suitcase on an international flight!

I specialise in unravelling, releasing and healing trauma from whatever has happened to you.

I SEE YOU. Free of this baggage, free of the pain and trauma.

I SEE YOU. Free and light, living your life, complete. Addressing any triggers through fresh eyes, without reliving your traumas day after day, year after year.

As an intuitive healer, and a survivor of my own abuse and trauma experiences, I use my gift to connect to your soul and use energy techniques to help release your traumatic baggage. 

Every session is personalised to you, and each session could be completely different. I tune in to your energy and am accessing and healing those parts of you that are in your highest good. You've already been traumatised, and your soul wants to you to be released of the trauma in a gentle way. 

Are you ready to start living your life to the full, free of the baggage you've carried for so long?

Book your 30 minute intuitive healing session with me now. ($45)

I've been there, it would be an honour to work with you.

Any other questions, see my FAQ page (LINK), or feel free to contact me (LINK)


***NOTE - Please know that I see the value of a good psychological support, the use of other modalities and other help - I've also done those, but made my biggest breakthroughs and healing of myself once I could connect to my energy and be guided in my healing.